Still Video

For my Creating Multimedia Class at Elon University I had to create a still video project. I was assigned to Elon University’s library. I took multiple still video shots inside and outside the library, choose my favorites, and put them together in a sequence. Enjoy!!


Audio Project

For my Creating Multimedia Class at Elon University we were assigned an audio project. For this project we had to mash together different voices from our class to create a full poem. Then we had to add music, ambient noise, and a sound effect. Overall, this project was helpful in getting me a little more familiar with Premiere.

An Event

AN EVENT- My Creating Multimedia Class at Elon University challenged me to take ten pictures of an event on or near campus. I choose college coffee because it’s one of my favorite things that Elon does to promote students/professor relationships, along with other events or clubs on campus. I was asked to include at least one wide shot, two pictures focusing on participants, and two tighter, detail shots of the event. I attempted to capture the best parts about college coffee: the people, the event tables, and the abundance of food!